As a hybrid IT professional, the scope of my work extends over the entire SDLC, from requirements specifications, design and development of software solutions for the enterprise data pipeline, data operations and quality assurance.

After experimenting Web Development by getting involved in small projects, my career in IT took a different direction as Software Test Technician, applying manual test techniques on Motorola Android© devices. Tests included functional, regression and exploratory. Studying for the ISTQB Certified Software Tester credential, achieved a few months later, provided me good theoretical knowledge about testing and the importance of a good QA strategy to reduce costs, risks and time to market.

Curious about automation, started by using batch files to automate simple commands, later developing POCs for test automation suites for web applications. At this time I had the opportunity to advance in the use of Selenium Webdrive, writing code in Java and Javascript, using Nodejs and Protractor. At this time, I was exposed to large MRPs using PHP and MySQL in the backend and AngularJS and Bootstrap in the front end. Was introduced to version control by using Perforce and later adopting Git as it becomes the dominant version control.

Immigrating to Canada gave me the unique opportunity to achieve a high honours diploma in Computer Systems Technology – Computer Programmer at Sheridan College, while working as a tutor an helping fellow students engage in good coding standards, computational thinking, debugging techniques and acting as a Git evangelist.

Some of my main skills are:

• Strong Object-Oriented and Data-Driven programming in Java and Javascript
• Exposure to MVC, Microservices and Event Driven Architecture on the Enterprise data pipeline.
• Data Warehousing/Data Operations using MSSQL and SSIS
• E2E automated testing using Node JS (Page Objects), Jasmine and Selenium
• Professional use of GIT, including Atlassian toolkit: Bitbucket, Jira and Confluence
• Professional experience on Agile development using Scrum and waterfall SDLC
• Language apparatus: Java, Javascript, C#, Python, T-SQL, PL-SQL
• Front-end resources: JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3;
• Design and implementation of Relational Databases
• Agile Requirements Analysis, Test Plan development
• Unix, Linux and Windows proficiency (File System, Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Cron, SSH)
• User Acceptance Test Design, Test Management and Tool Support;

Educational Home Server: Centos 7, Git, JBoss AS 7, Cassandra
♥ Linux

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